Residential or commercial garden rocks

Picture your residential or commercial garden with the addition of beautiful garden rocks… it looks different, doesn’t it? At Quality Moss Rocks, we can assist you in creating a stunning landscape to make your property stand out.

Selecting the best-quality rocks and then worrying about having them delivered in one piece seems like a daunting task. Not to worry as we’re up for the challenge! We’ll choose the best-quality rocks and deliver them straight to your door.

We personally select these beautiful rocks according to what you’ll be using them for. They are an eye-catching addition to a landscaped space, pond or even waterfall. They can also be used as part of a retaining wall during construction. We actually encourage our clients to visit our display in our Two Rocks yard. You’ll be able to choose from one rock to a trailer or ute load at your leisure.

These special aged rocks truly show nature at its best. This is why we strive to preserve and nurture these moss rocks to enable them to remain undamaged and in their natural state, from selection to delivery. These rocks are only found inland off the Western Australian coastline. After being manually prised from the ground, they are hand loaded onto our truck and transported to a pre-organised destination.

Upon delivery, they are also unloaded by hand to avoid any damage caused by machinery. This shows once again that we are fully committed to providing our clients with the highest quality products.

However, for 2-3 man size, we use our Kabota Tractor to load onto our truck and trailer and for large boulders, we sling them from our loader onto our truck.

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