Residential or commercial garden rocks

At Quality Moss Rocks, we supply a large range of rocks from football size to large boulders 2000mm.

We personally select these beautiful rocks according to what you’ll be using them for. They are an eye-catching addition to a landscaped space, pond or even waterfall. They can also be used as part of a retaining wall during construction. Frequently now, clients are requesting the large feature/boulder rocks or the large flat waterfall/riverbed rocks.

These special aged rocks truly show nature at its best. This is why we strive to preserve and nurture these moss rocks to enable them to remain undamaged and in their natural state, from selection to delivery. These rocks are only found inland off the Western Australian coastline.

Our Moss Rocks up to 1200mm are loaded by gently lifting them with the forks on our bobcat and placing them onto the truck. For the larger Moss Rock Boulders 1200 – 2000mm, we have specially made forks for our loader. All the while we strive for quality with each Moss Rock.

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